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Teh Amy

This is too easy... http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2843570/1/
I think our mascot keeps changing her name so nobody can track her down and force her to stop writing.

“Screw you Elliot, I kick your butt if you answer!” Olivia said as she sprayed him with the hose that was on the ground. Yeah, 'cause Olivia acts and talks like that.

“Do you think that is fair Olivia?” Elliot asked taking her as a girl. Huh?

“Shut up dweed!” Dweed?

she proved that she was not only a girl, but also a winner. Insert spoon, gag.

“She is to old for you Dickie, face it she is 30 years old.” First of all, I wouldn't be teasing my son about having a crush on someone Olivia's age. Secondly, Olivia is definitely NOT 30.

she was nervous and started sweating then she fainted Um, okay...

“Wow, that is amazing on how we know so much about each other!” OMG! We know each other's favorite colors! It's definitely true love!!!11!1

I'm so confused. I thought this story was supposed to be about them getting a baby? Not to mention the story itself didn't make any sense.
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