Nerdy Girl (bookgrrrl) wrote in svucc,
Nerdy Girl

Beated with Badfic

I, oh. I...

I can't pick the worst part. Is it -
"Mike: You can't buy me a hotdog, you're a woman."

Or is it-

"Mike: I'm not married or have any kids. I was going to have a kid but my stupid ex-girlfriend had an abortion against my wishes.
Lucy: Sorry about that. You'll be a great father.
Mike: Really? My mother was an alcoholic and so was my dad, they beated me so much that my bruises stayed on my back for many years.
Lucy: My mother was an alcoholic as well, she beated me as well. She banned me from praying."

I know I like to talk to perfect strangers about the times i got beated.
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