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Double Take


God! I’m such an idiot! I walked into a damn wall! In front of her no less! She and Elliot, Fin, Alex, Casey, and even the gym teacher Mr. Munch were all laughing at me! I’ll show them!

Erm… are we talking about the same Munch? John Munch? The guy whose gym teacher said he looked like a retarded gazelle with a spastic disorder? The man who probably thinks that gymnasiums are the headquarters for a covert team of government officials who want to wipe out their political opponents?

Those stupid football players (Okay, not Elliot, although he is quarterback) found it when they were pushing me around for calling one of them a stupid, brainless, git.

Spot of tea, you bloody git? Blasted yanks.

I know what I’ll do! I’ll kill them! I’ll bring a gun and shoot up the school! If I can’t have Olivia, no one can!

…I got nothin'.


As he opened the door he heard John’s voice practicing his scales.

So, was John's voice a disembodied noise or something? I love awkward wording.

Then they saw more faces. Jack McCoy, Ed Green, and even Lennie Briscoe. (He’s not dead in MY stories.)

Best… author's note… EVER. (RIP Jerry Orbach)

“WOOOOOOO!” Elliot cried and dipped Olivia into a kiss. “Danny Zuko!”

It's like a hemorrhage on a stick. Except with sharkskin jackets. You know, the kind with the velvet collar? [/mandatory Billy Joel reference]

The funny thing is, though, I can actually see The Belz as a greaser. I guess that's the cool thing about being related to Henry Winkler.
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