Teh Amy (spiderwebsitar) wrote in svucc,
Teh Amy

God help us

So, curious after being "friended" by an SVU fanatic with terrible grammar who "wants to write children's books," I decided to read her story. I'm 99% sure this is a troll, but if not, God help us all. At any rate, this story is just terrible on every level imaginable. And amusing in a twisted sort of way.

By American-Style00, I bring you love american style: a love story

You really don't even need to bother with extra comments. It pretty much speaks for itself:

Olivia lied on her bed resting her head on a pillow covered by a cloud-and-star-print pilowcase

Olivia wrote with a silver gel pen in her spiral bound pale pink notebook that her mom had boughten for her when she was 16 because she was always sorry for being drunk all the time.

Dear eliott,
I hate your wife. shes a b. please reconsider this new baby idea.

'No, I do not think that you are very fine you are crying also, what is this?' he picked up her diary and read it out load, dear eliott, I hate your wife--

"Like that he and kathy have not...like, you know...done it in like 4 or 6 years."

"What if I just tag her car with some paint...?" she could picture it in her mind. "U R A B!" spraypainted on cathy's shiny green ford 1995 windstar minivan.

Finn and Munhc were standing around being wuiet and she wasn't sure why.

or make out with me!1! she thought. OMFG! where did that come from?

...and I'll leave the rest to you guys.
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